Custom Power and Manual Rehab Mobility Devices

Tanglewood can build the best custom one-of-a-kind mobility wheelchairs and other devices designed specifically for the individual users body and needs. Tanglewood strives to make each custom wheelchair as comfortable, safe and usable for the individual patient. Ours is the ultimate custom-made wheelchair and each is unique to the individual using the chair. Tanglewood Medical Supplies, Inc is your choice for custom and complex wheelchairs and other mobility products, as well as complex seating and support surface solutions. Call us today to find out about these solutions and so much more we can do for you, whether you be a healthcare provider, a caregiver, or a patient Tanglewood Medical Supplies, Inc is here in “caring for you personally.”

You’ll work directly with the highly experienced and accredited ATP (Assistive Technology Provider). They will liaison with your medical providers to stay on top of your unique needs, even as those needs change over time. And they’ll note all your personal likes and dislikes so your chair is and remains a real extension of you. In many cases, our ATPs form bonds with clients that last for years—even decades. Our complex power wheelchairs come in a variety of types including front, mid, and rear-wheel drive bases. We can adapt them to your body and needs in almost every way imaginable. Manual wheelchairs are propelled by you or your caregiver. We can adapt a basic model to assist you in getting around your house or community. We have a number of options, including lower height and lighter frames to make self-propelling easier. Seat and back cushions can be customized for any chair.

We can supply customized wheelchair cushions made to work with your body. They are configured to protect your skin, maximize mobility, optimize posture and make day-to-day functioning easier. They also help keep you safe by dampening impact. Working with our carefully-selected manufacturing partners, we can use 3D and body scans to create completely customized cushions to support your fixed posture. These “exact fits” provide excellent skin protection for even the most challenging posture positions, selective users or unique body shapes. The premium materials ensure low maintenance, longevity and maximum comfort.

Copyright 2021 by Tanglewood Medical Supplies. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021 by Tanglewood Medical Supplies. All rights reserved.