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      Tanglewood Medical Supplies has been in business for over 30 Years – “Serving Texas“ and not just Stephenville. We are the source for medical mobility and respiratory supplies and equipment throughout Central & North Central Texas for over 30 years because of our superior commitment to provide the absolute best in product quality and customer service. Our highly trained staff will help you make the best choices for your patients, loved ones, or own personal needs, and provide you with friendly service and expert advice. Every effort is made to ensure that your experience is as pleasant and efficient as possible. Call us Today!
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      October 8, 2020

      Stress can’t be removed in seats, so instead, we have to concentrate on the redistribution of stress. There are various theories used to attain the supply of stress; immersion/envelopment and offloading/redirecting. Immersion is the ability for the human body to sink to the material. It’s described as the depth, that the body sinks to the support surface. Envelopment is understood to be the support surface’s capacity to conform around the shapes of the human body.

      August 20, 2020

      There are two categories of equipment that have distinct requirements and criteria: Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Complex Rehabilitation Technology (CRT). DME wheelchairs are the standard wheelchairs you see in hospitals or nursing homes and are purchased in bulk to meet short term needs. DME power mobility devices include scooters and standard power wheelchairs with a captain’s seat and back. CRT products are significantly different from standard DME and include services along with products.

      August 12, 2020

      Once we are deep in slumber what happens in the mind? What about in pain and anxiety? Do hormones and neurons play a role? These are the questions we’ll handle employing the evidence available.

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      Copyright 2021 by Tanglewood Medical Supplies. All rights reserved.